Hello Winter Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Now that Thanksgiving is over and December is under way, you’re officially in the winter holiday mode! Here comes Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the Winter Solstice and more! Each requires planning, so before it’s too late, plan what you and your loved ones will be doing!

No matter what you celebrate, think about enjoying time outside, whether you’re taking a walk or sledding in the snow. Either way, enjoy some fresh air and spend time outdoors with your family this holiday season! Don’t forget about the decorations this year. Is your home festive and cozy for all your friends and family to visit? After all, it’s always fun to have decorations up this time of year.

Are you traveling this winter and enjoying a vacation? Make sure you figure out what you’d like to do ahead of time and finalize your travel plans, whether you want to relax with little stress and spend time at the spa or take in all the sights on a tour. Your vacation is more enjoyable when you don’t have to stress about your schedule so you can make the most of your time off.

This season is the time for vacations, spending time with family and friends, but it also may be the time for purchasing gifts. So before you head out to do any shopping, make sure you think about:

  • When’s the best day for you to shop? Keep in mind that weekdays are the least busy day of the week for shopping, so you can get in and out of the stores quickly.
  • Where can you find the best deals? Do your research! There are plenty of sales going on now, so do a little digging and if your preferred store matches prices, then you’ll be able to get the best deal without going out of your way.
  • Shop online or in stores? Think about it. Which is most convenient for you? You have a lot written in your Day-Timer the next few weeks, could a little less time shopping in store help keep you on track and enjoying every moment this December?

Most importantly, no matter how you decide to do your shopping, make sure you put it in your Day-Timer; so set aside time to check everything off your list this season. Then again, that goes for everything! No matter if you are traveling on vacation or planning an exciting Saturday sledding at the park, put it in your Day-Timer so you know what’s coming up.