Environmentally Friendly Planners

Kiwi Malibu Day-TimerEvery year there is one thing that should always be scheduled in your planner – buying a new one.  When choosing a new planner you might want to use the same format, or you may want to try something new! But when looking for a new planner have you ever considered how much of the planner is made from recycled content? It is time for you to consider recycled planners, since not all planners are made the same!


Here at Day-Timer we love to recycle, after all we are a paper company! When choosing our paper we think about how conscious you are of the environment; that’s why all of our planners are made from at least 30% recyclable materials. So no matter which Day-Timer planner you are looking at, it’s a green product!

Buying a new planner also brings up another issue – what do you do with your old one?

With ring bound refills it’s easy to recycle your planner at the end of the year. If your planner is wire bound, check with your local recycling facility if you need to remove the wire before recycling!

RecycleDid you know that, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, your paper planner could become over 5,000 different paper products once it’s recycled like coffee filters, bandages, masking tape, hospital gowns, and much more?

So the next time you’re ordering your new Day-Timer planner consider if you want a recycled planner, and don’t forget to recycle your old one when you’re finished!