A Fresh Work Space

A Clean and Productive Work Space

At work, sometimes you get so caught up in all the work you’re doing you don’t realize how disorganized your work environment is. The fact is, a clean work environment can help increase productivity and help you prioritize what needs to be done each day.

A Messy Office Creating an organized workspace is crucial.

Start by sorting through the things you use most often each day and set those items and papers aside. Since these are your important and most frequently visited items, it’s best to keep them near you in their own dedicated space. You use these items most often, so save time by making them easy and quick to access in a specified space on your desk, or pin them on the wall. For other items you don’t use as frequently, they are perfect to be stored in spaces like cabinets, filing drawers, and organizational boxes. Keeping all of your things organized and put away will keep your space clean and help you stay focused throughout the day. When there are piles of papers around your desk it’s easy to be overwhelmed and distracted. Once all your belongings are organized, you’ll know exactly which items need attention because they’ll be prioritized on your desk. Then your to-do list will be complete faster because it will be easier to concentrate on with a clean space.

Clean OfficeWhen you have a de-cluttered space you can more easily use your Day-Timer to track all your deadlines. You won’t have to search in and around your desk for all your schedules and deadlines. If you have a clean area at your desk, you can use that extra space as a place to keep your hot items each day or use it to display pictures to make your desk feel more personal. This clean space is also great for those busy days when you eat your lunch at your desk. Overall, having a clear space and an organized Day-Timer can help you accomplish what’s on your to-do list more efficiently.