Hello Tax Season

It’s the time of year that is either dreaded or awaited—it’s tax season! And like every year there are so many things running through your head about finances. Did you keep all the receipts you need? Where are they? Do you have all the paperwork from your bank and employer? Did you do anything new this year that will yield more deductions? When should you make an appointment with your accountant? We know there are so many questions and things to keep track of.

That’s where we come in! We’re here to help you stay on track this year and keep everything you need to prepare your taxes in one, organized spot.

To stay organized for 2016, make sure you use the Bill Payer’s Bundle to keep everything together and paid on time. It includes a fold out monthly calendar to record due dates for expenses and comes with monthly expense envelopes so you can write down and store all your paid bills. Next, the Bill Payer’s Bundle has a Day-Timer archive storage set to store your Day-Timer refill, bills, and receipts in one place. The last thing it has is a set of highlighters to categorize your bills and deadlines. Another way we can help keep you organized is by storing your previous tax information in a spot where you won’t lose them like an Expanding File or Binder.

For this year, here’s a few things to keep in mind. Make sure you have filed your taxes by 4/15/16! Once you’re done with all your receipts and papers this year, ask your accountant if you should shred certain documents. For the papers and receipts they say you should get rid of, you’ll want to securely dispose of them using these Swingline shredders. If you expect a refund and want to receive it by a certain date, work backwards. The IRS website states it typically takes 21 days to issue refunds after processing, so allow yourself sometime between submitting your return and receiving your refund.

We hope your tax season is as painless as it can be.

Tax Meme