Our Top 5 Day-Timer Tips

Here are our top 5 Day-Timer tips that Day-Timer users love! Implement them into your schedule and in your Day-Timer for a simpler look at your to-dos, schedule, and goals! Which will you try?

1 – #DayTimerTip: Just thought of something you want to try? Put it in your planner at the beginning of the month to encourage yourself to do it!


2 – #DayTimerTip: Use different colored pens to easily decipher tasks in your Day-Timer.


3 – #DayTimerTip: Use Day-Timer Hot List to prioritize all the tasks written in your Day-Timer!


4 – #‎DayTimerTip: Create a few to-do lists so they aren’t overwhelming. One should be of the top 3 tasks you absolutely need to accomplish.


5 – #DayTimerTip: Split large goals into smaller more attainable actions for an easier way to accomplish tasks


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