Planner Accessories

We know you love your Day-Timer®, and we want you to get the most out of it! So have you ever considered planner accessories to make your planner even more functional? We have great accessories that are made perfectly for your Day-Timer! We have a line of planner accessories to compliment your Day-Timer and improve your everyday planning!

Is your Day-Timer your go-to planner at work? It knows all the meetings you have each day, contact information and maybe even notes jotted on the margins? Do we have a solution for you to make your Day-Timer even better! We offer a business card holder so you can keep your important contact’s info handy wherever you go! Plus, don’t take notes in the margins of your pages—use a notepad made specifically for your Day-Timer! If you don’t want a full sized notebook, Day-Timer hot lists are perfect for sticking wherever you need them. It has never been easier to cross everything off your to-do list!

Ever have stuff falling out of the slots in your Day-Timer? What about unzipping or opening your Day-Timer and paper clips, pens and coins are suddenly falling everywhere as you’re on your way to a meeting? Don’t let any of your loose supplies fall out of your Day-Timer with a zipped pouch that fits perfectly into your Day-Timer rings!

DT Photo Page Marker

We know you have plenty of daily appointments and are constantly flipping back and forth between dates—a page marker is the perfect solution! Try a standard page marker with a ruler for reference. We also have a page marker with picture slots that you can fill with a monogram, pictures of your family, the beach or anything you want! With a page marker, you can use your hands to write notes from your phone calls instead of holding pages you have notes on!

Love to accessorize and decorate your planner tabs? You’ll love the Day-Timer hole punch so you can add any new statement pieces to your Day-Timer! Then share your creations with us on Instagram!

If you ever use your Day-Timer as a wallet, chances are it holds your checkbook. Day-Timer makes a checkbook cover that fits perfectly in your planner, so you don’t have to worry about it sliding around or falling out. And the business card holder is the perfect place to hold your credit cards! So next time your planner doubles as a wallet, it’ll function just like one! :)

Rediscover your Day-Timer, because you may have never noticed how effective your planner could be with these brilliant accessories!

3 thoughts on “Planner Accessories

  1. You people have missed the boat…
    Most now use planner, planning APS on their phone, tablet oa android.

    I gave using your paper planner four years ago….

    1. I’ve had too many phone crashes to trust technology 100%. Also I do not want everyone on earth to have access to my schedule. I am a privacy advocate (wish me luck, eh). There are pluses and minuses to both systems and I appreciate and use both for the things they are best at doing. Have never yet been able to do long range or complex project planning without long, deep, solitary thought plus a notepad and pen.

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