Plan The Perfect 4th


Follow these tips and suggestions this Fourth of July for an exciting holiday!

FlagsIf You’re Hosting A Party:

Having a get together with friends and family is always fun, and properly planning for it will make it even more enjoyable for you and your guests! Here are some tips to get the most out of planning for your party.

  • Create a budget and stick to it! Budgets may seem like a drag, so to keep costs low think of how many people you’re inviting, how crazy your decorations will be, and if your guests should bring a side and beverage.Meal Planning
  • Pick a theme for your party! Come on, you can do better than just red, white, and blue napkins! See these party ideas on our Pinterest board to spark your creativity.
  • Plan the meal in advance. This will help you keep on budget and give you time to figure out how much food you need to buy so you don’t run out or have too much.
  • For common entrees like burgers and hot dogs, the average adult eats a third of a pound burger and a hot dog while kids generally eat one hot-dog.
  • For other references on meal planning for a party see these tips from AllRecipes.
  • Having lots of people over? Consider buying pre-pattied hamburgers.
  • Do your guests have any allergies?

Have A Game Plan:

The game plan is like your master schedule. If you master your game plan your party won’t be as stressful, and you can have a great time enjoying the fourth with all your guests!

  • When do invitations go out?
  • When is your big grocery field trip?
  • When are decorations put up?Cupcake
  • What will be on your music playlist for the party?
  • Having out of town guests? Get their rooms prepped
  • What time do you need to start grilling?
  • When are your guests arriving?
  • What games and activities will be done first?
  • Unfortunately, the party will have to end at some point – when is that?
  • Think about your clean up schedule – who in your family is in charge of which area?

 If You’re Attending A Party:

We don’t blame you for not hosting a party – it’s a lot of work, but remember these things when attending:

  • Don’t forget to bring the host a gift! Show the Host Gifthost how much you appreciate them for putting the party together.
  • If you’re supposed to bring food, ask what other people are bringing so there aren’t 5 chips and dips.
  • We suggest taking a homemade dish – it gives you a chance to show off your cooking skills!
  • Ask how many guests are attending the party so you make the perfect amount of your secret family recipe.

If You’re Watching Fireworks:

  • Scout out the best parking spot a few days before the fireworks.
  • Don’t forget to pack blankets and chairs!
  • You can never bring too many snacks.

No matter what your plans are this July Fourth, make sure to include it in your planner and have a game plan. Have a fantastic and safe holiday!

Happy 4th

4 thoughts on “Plan The Perfect 4th

  1. Oh I am hosting a party and all geared up for tomorrow’s celebrations, after all it is the ‘Day’ :)
    thanks for sharing these amazing tips, they will help my planning for certain. Happy day!

    1. We like your joke in there Jessie! We’re glad to hear these tips helped you with your Fourth of July party! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. The Fourth of July is a terrific time for an outdoor party, but for 2014, it is on a Friday, so this could turn into a weekend… Maybe invite your guests to stay over?

    If you are going to a park, call ahead to reserve a space. Some parks do this and some do not.

    If you are going to have a boating party, you will need to get there early to launch your boat and be able to park your vehicle and trailer away from the ramps. Is your registration for the boat paid up? Do you have all of your safety equipment for the number of people you will have on board?

    Using a gas grill? Check the fuel and fuel connections before you use it. Clean the grill’s grids before you use it so you are not “mixing” flavors.

    Do you have all of the paper supplies you will need? Remember to bring serving spoons and forks.

    Buy bags of ice ahead of time and keep them in your freezer so you don’t have to get it at the last minute.

    Remember to buy some bottled water in addition to the soft drinks. Thirst is not always satisfied with a sweet beverage. Freeze some juice in your ice cube trays and flip them out into a ziplock bag to add to the water. Much cheaper than soft drinks and much healthier. Bring some whole lemons and a knife, too.

    If you are bringing a dish to someone else’s picnic, do the prep work a day ahead and put the finishing touches on it during the morning of the 4th.

    Be sure to check your supply of sun screen and sunburn remedies. You will need them.

    Put your beach tote by the door. As you remember things that need to go with you, put them into the tote.

    Final tip: If you are going to the park or the beach, get a hold of a disposable baby diaper and make it look “used” then put your valuables in it and nobody will touch it. Only you will know that it isn’t “nasty”.

    Don’t forget your sunglasses!

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