Tips to Stay Out of the Dreaded Procrastination Zone and More!

The following is a reprint of an article originally posted at the Lifehack blog, entitled ‘8 Productivity Hacks to Get Out of To-Do List Purgatory.’

This post offers great planner tips, as well as good ways to stay out of the dreaded procrastination zone. I hope you enjoy!


You feel like you can’t get anything worthwhile accomplished today, yet the tasks keep piling on.

I call it “To-Do List Purgatory” because it’s a hellish rut where important tasks never seem to get done.

I’ve been there often enough to share with you my best methods to stop yourself from getting trapped. Use these following 8 productivity hacks and get out (and stay out!) of to-do list purgatory:

1. Hit Restart

Rewrite your task list and give yourself a realistic selection of things you can do today. It makes no sense to create a giant laundry list of things that you’ll never get done. Make tasks that fit into the time you have available. Spend 5 minutes each morning preparing a daily to-do list with a handful of priority tasks that you know you can accomplish today. Park the tasks you don’t see doing today on a holding list for another day.

2. Use Laser-Focus

Everyone should have a “Laser-Focus Mode” where they shut out the world and concentrate with intense focus. Set a timer for 15 minutes and commit to working with laser-point focus on one and only one task. Once you get going you’ll find it’s an addictive habit. Assist this process by creating an uber-productive atmosphere: close your door, turn off your phone, and unplug from the internet.

3. Toss ‘Em Out

Sometimes you take for granted that something must be done just because it’s on your list. Retrain yourself to know it’s not always the case. When in doubt, the best way to see if something is truly a priority, delete it from your list. It’ll come back if it’s truly something important.

4. Choose Your Big Three

Each day, you need to declare three clear-cut priorities to which you should focus most of your energy. Choose the tasks that offer you the highest yield per hour of effort. Yes, I know you have much more to do, but it’s important you learn to take advantage of the 80/20 rule, where 80% of your success comes from the top 20% of your daily tasks.

5. Eat that Freaking Frog

Start your day doing the worst task possible and you’ll have a much easier time working through your to-do list. Too often, we avoid those “ugly frog” tasks we hate. That, in turn, creates a black hole affect where other tasks are sucked in and your list grows totally stagnant. There’s a good reason eating the frog is one of the top procrastination tips – it works! Don’t trick yourself into thinking you need to start your day slowly, you’ll never get started.

6. Improve Your Grammar

Re-write each task so your list offers detailed instructions. Don’t just write the words “do budget” — it’s a daunting and unapproachable statement. Instead, create phrases that begin with a verb and offer clarity as to the outcome. “List monthly bills due.” If your task can’t be turned into a specific action, it needs to be broken down into smaller steps, as I did in this example.

7. Set Deadlines

Setting deadlines for your major daily tasks is an effective way to keep focused during your task time. You’ll be amazed how much more gratifying it feels to maintain start-stop points in your task times. The structure of time constraints offers you a tangible comfort zone for doing your work, and it offers a much greater sense of accomplishment than the alternative — working until someone or something else distracts you.

8. Just Keep Moving

The next time you find yourself getting stuck in your day feeling like you’re not getting anywhere and not knowing what to do next, there are two simple choices. Do the next thing you can think or, or quit the task and move on to the next one. Either way, don’t let yourself freeze up… it eventually leads to procrastination and futility. Keep yourself moving and maintain your momentum — it’s the lifeblood of having a productive day.

Remember, your best bet is to avoid to-do list purgatory altogether. It’s truly just a matter of making a well-defined, list of priority tasks and following through on your commitments to that list each day. Do this and you’ll be in productivity heaven.

What’s your sticking point each day? Please share with me in the comments section and I’ll do my best to offer a tip that best fits you.

3 thoughts on “Tips to Stay Out of the Dreaded Procrastination Zone and More!

  1. House cleaning and chemo don’t go well together So thanks for reminding me small bites
    And eventually the chores will be DONE!

    President CEO of our HOME

  2. Thanks, Jeff! This article was perfectly timed for me. I was recently promoted and have been doing both my former job and current job until we hire someone for the former. My Master list is beginning to look like Santa’s naughty and nice list in size. I believe these tips will help me focus on tackling what is important and not procrastinating because I’m overwhelmed by how much I still have to do.

    1. That’s great Cindy! Thank you for commenting. It’s so challenging, but so important to see through to your priorities or you’ll forever be lost in the minutia of your day.

      – Enjoy your time!

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