One Big Reason You’re Not Getting More Done

Jeff Doubek presents a short time management tip that will allow you to make a better to-do list, with tasks you’ll have a harder time procrastinating with. Jeff shows examples in his day planner, and gives 2 takeaway tips for writing out your morning to-do list.

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3 thoughts on “One Big Reason You’re Not Getting More Done

  1. Just had a chance to watch this, and found it useful. I use a notepad to break down the elements of a task/project, and keep this in my desk planner. I also use the moveable sticky list pads to keep track of task “bits”, because it’s great to see the tick marks when I’ve completed them!
    Ditto on the music, BTW, but it was only towards the end of the video that I found it really intrusive.

    1. Thank you Carol. I think the levels came out a bit louder than I expected. I’ll make some adjustments.

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