5 Frequent Flier Tips for Becoming a “Power Flier”

frequent flier tips

Are you ready to be a Power-Flier? If you’re a frequent flier, or even an occasional business traveler, you too can join the ranks of those who actually make productive use of their travel time.

Let’s face it, airline travel can be a huge waste of time. It’s fraught with lines, delays, and lots of waiting around. So, finding ways to save time and be productive while on the go are so important.

To make your next trip more productive, avoid wasting time on your next trip with these 5 essential productivity tips for being a power-flier:

Have impeccable timing

The first and best piece of advice is to time your arrival so you can minimize the amount of time spent standing around waiting in the terminal. If you want to schedule a meal or a work call, then block out the specific time you’ll need.

Here are some key points to know:

  • Know your true in-flight travel time. It’s your starting point for a productive trip. Know how much real task time you will actually have — the actual time in your seat with laptop open.
  • Learn your true commute time to the airport. Consider all aspects of terminal traffic, parking, and shuttles during the time of day you’re traveling.
  • When possible, avoid peak hours that take longer to get through ticketing, security, and baggage claim lines.
  • An airline club membership as a productivity investment. Seemingly pricey, these lounges are productivity oases and worth their price in gold. The amenities are typically first class and offer convenient access to free wifi, workspaces, outlets for charging your gadgets, privacy, seating, and refreshments.
  • Plan your trip the night before by writing your schedule out in your daily planner. Need a complete planner for scheduling your travel? This Executive Weekly Planner is an affordable and classy planner upgrade.

photo credit: Timothy Valentine via photopin cc