3 Steps to Knock-Off Those Pesky Lingering Tasks

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Having incomplete tasks hang over your head can cause a general feeling of dissatisfaction and unnecessary stress.

How would you like to make some proactive decisions on your lingering tasks today and take an important step toward better time management? It’s all in your planning process.

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There’s always one or two lingering items on your planner’s to-do list that never get done, and over time it can haunt you.

Try these steps to improve your ability to knock off those lingering tasks:

Make one of three decisions with your to-do list:

  1. Schedule it: choose a date/time in the next 2 weeks to address the task, and file it along with any source material
  2. Park it: place it on a “Someday-Maybe” list, and file all task-related material. This is the location for your dreams and ambitions — make a point to view this list once per month
  3. Delete it: if the task is important enough to you it will pop-up again later on; so clear your mind by clearing it off your list

This week you can choose to take a special action on those tricky tasks that never seem to leave your task list. Enjoy your time!

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