Take a Last Stab at Your Goals with a Mini Goal Routine

2013 goals

There’s still time left to reach your goals this year if you have a good plan.

But you’ve got to know, the more time that passes the less likely you are to achieve your annual goals or resolutions. In fact, statistics show less than half of those who made resolutions will find success into the fall season.

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Spend 5 minutes planning your week with the sole purpose of inserting goal-related tasks into your daily task lists.

  • Choose 3 main goals you hope to accomplish at home and at work
  • Select 2 actionable tasks for each of those three goals
  • Schedule these tasks over the next 2 weeks
  • Create a daily countdown in your planner up until each upcoming task day arrives (e.g. 5-days, 4-days, 3-days…)
  • Continue this process in your weekly planning

By creating a daily countdown, you are increasing your commitment to accomplishing each task and you are putting the goal into your consciousness.

Now is the time to take action on your goals and resolutions. You can get yourself going by integrating some goal-related tasks this into your weekly to-do list.

[photo credit: aussiegall via photopin cc]