Customer Speak: A Malibu Planner Review

Sometimes it’s best to let our customers do all the talking. Here’s a fantastic product review of our Malibu Planner by Carie Harling from the blog Dispatches from The Frat House.

Carie is a busy mom and planner afficionado, so she knows of which she speaks:

Don’t just take her word for it, see the value of the Malibu for yourself! Today we have the Malibu Planner and tote marked 15% off in Kiwi color. Check it out!

One thought on “Customer Speak: A Malibu Planner Review

  1. Great video! I have been using Day-Timer products for 35 years, I have compared them to other product you’d find at Office products stores and none of them can keep up with my Day-Timer products! Best ever whatever you purchase.

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