Parents, Cool Back-to-School Supplies Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore

Back-to-school time is exciting in many ways for kids, new teacher, new classroom, new locker, new schedule, and last but not least is getting new school supplies.

Did you know? It’s not just for kids anymore, as Raquel Pinera writes in her Organized Island blog. There is a great solution for making the back-to-school transition exciting for parents.

“When I was a student, I loved gathering my supplies – pens, notebooks, papers all ready for note taking and learning. As a mom, I also love to prepare for a new school year and one of the tools I love to help me plan and organize is my Family Plus™ Solution Set. I have used Day-Timer® for many years now, first as a student, and now as a Mom.”

Raquel points out the unique features that make the Family Plus planner a must-have back-to-school resource for parents, and especially Mom, who carry the responsibility of planning a busy school year.

“This is not your typical planner. Some of the great features include:

  • A wonderful week at a glance format with areas for a to-do list, appointments by family member
  • Separate sections for school/community activities and personal/me time
  • A section for menu planning for the week
  • An area for notes for the week
  • Month at a glance sections”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Go over and read the whole post at Organized Island, and find out why our Family Plus Solution Set is quickly becoming a family favorite for getting organized at back-to-school time.

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4 thoughts on “Parents, Cool Back-to-School Supplies Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore

  1. I love Day Timer products I had never heard of the Family Plus Planner I now have to go and find this because it seams like this would fit more with what I need since I have to keep track of 5 kids, myself, and hubby with work, school, doctors, and prescriptions.. I have always had to have calenders and planners all over the place including my phone.. I will be looking for this today when I go finish shopping for school supplies..

    Thank’s for the info..

    1. Being an organized Mom can be like running a 3-ring circus, Carmen! A little proactive planning sure goes a long way. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I have used the Family Plus Planner for over a year now, along with a two-page per day diary. Instead of using the columns of the Family Plus for family members, I label them with “Work” for my job, “House” for housework tasks, “Garden” for garden tasks, “Family” for family activities, and the first column for my activities. I fill out the Family Plus pages to plan the week. Then each day, I plan the day in the two-page per day diary. At the end of the week I update that week’s Family Plus pages for what really happened that week. At the end of a month or two I shred the two-page per day pages and store the Family Plus pages for that month. I then have important information noted and save space. More than a few times I have referred to the Family Plus past pages to verify a date or answer a question for a family member.

    I use one planner cover, keeping about three months worth of Family Plus pages and one month, sometimes two, of the two-page per day diary at any one time in the planner.

    We are a very, very busy multi-generation household. The two planners, operating together, have been a life saver in keeping us close to on-track. We still don’t get everything done, but we don’t forget important dates. Planning ahead helps keep expectations more realistic. I can see the whole week to decide where to fit things in and make adjustments on a daily basis.

    I have used a Daytimer planner for almost two decades. Using the two together, the Family Plus and the diary have made my Daytimer even more powerful.

    Thanks, Daytimer!!!

    1. Linda,

      Thanks for your great tip! Organizing yourself by category is a great way to keep balance, and to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. It’s very easy to overlook other areas of life when things get busy in one particular area, like work. I’m glad you’re finding Day-Timer useful in your life. Please keep sending us those great comments and tips.

      — Jeff

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