5 More Tips for Back-to-School Organization

Back-to-school time has arrived, and with it we’re bringing some new organization and planning tips that can help students get a great start to their school year.

One great new product we have available for students this year is the Kensington Essentials Notebook Kit, a complete system for portable netbook security.


Kensington Essentials Netbook Kit

Studies show netbooks continue to be a mainstream tool in today’s classrooms, and students need a way transport and store their safely while on campus.

The Kensington Essentials Notebook Kit provides a comprehensive solution, including a wired USB scroll mouse, a reversible Neoprene sleeve and a self-coiling lock that attaches to your netbook.

Tips for a strong start

The following 5 tips for getting a strong start in school are essential for you, or the student in your family in finding success this school year:

 1) Choose a weekly class goal: At the beginning of each week, decide for yourself a particular goal you’d like to make progress on, and reserve your downtime for goal-related activities. For example, you want to get ahead in a language course? Then this week have audio books or links to online lessons cued up and ready.

2) Having reading available: For homework or for pleasure, there is always reading you can catch up on, so keep it handy. Start a reading folder of print magazines, newsletters or articles, or store-up online articles to a bookmark site such as Delicious or Digg, or a mobile app such as Instapaper.

3) Plan, Prioritize, Review: There are many reasons to keep your trusty student planner with you at all times, one of them being you should always sneak in a few minutes of PPR. Spare some time to plan your day, prioritize your studies, and review your schedule. That’s all it takes to enjoy better time management as a student today.

4) Think with a notebook: It’s amazing how a blank sheet of paper has the power to decompress your brain. Take a few minutes each day to clear your head of what’s stressing you, write down a list of things to do, sketch out some goals and dreams, or journal what happened over the past 24 hours.

5) Add a balancing activity: School has your schedule booked. Balance out your life by squeezing-in a few non-school related activities whenever possible. Read a few pages from a novel, call and say hello to a family member, have coffee with a friend, or catch-up on a hobby.

Follow the above methods and you will find yourself more satisfied with all you’re getting done each week.

And here’s an additional tip: whatever method you choose, be sure of two things:

  • You’re leaving yourself ample time to relax
  • You’re focusing your attention and not multitasking

What’s your top piece of advice for being a good student? Please share…