9 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the School Year Ending

end-of-school-tips_v2The end of school year approaches and your home will soon require a whole new level of organization.

Think about it, few other times during the year does your life transition so dramatically as this.

Don’t wait for the end of school year, and your kids, to take you by surprise. Get organized now.

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How can you better organize yourself, your child, and your household for the end of school year transition?

1) Start Your Big Calendar

Create one main “fridge calendar” for your family. Include final school countdown, vacation dates, summer camps and activities, and off-season school sports practices. Be sure to keep your personal day planner calendar synced-up with your family calendar on a regular basis.

2) Create a Memory Folder

Organize your child’s best tests, papers, report cards, and crafts in one presentation folder. If you have a crafty side, create a scrapbook – it’s a creative alternative to storing this info as well as a good way to make save/trash decisions.

3) Make an Important Notes List

Document key information that played a vital role in your daily organization this year, things you might forget. This includes important school contact info, notable dates, and bits of advice such as lunch planning. You’ll thank yourself for this later.

4) Plan Back to School Steps

Begin planning for next school year while the resources are still available. Include contacting your child’s next teacher, completing enrollment paperwork, and scheduling vaccinations. If your child is moving up to another school, be sure to find out about the orientation and visitation opportunities.

5) Plan Summer Learning

It’s important that you mix in some form of educational structure along with the sun and fun. Map out a plan of summer learning activities as recommended by your teacher, including reading schedules and summer school programs.

6) Plan Graduation Activities

List the many tasks associated with your graduating child. You will need to prepare for graduation parties, thank you gifts, school events, cap and gown fittings, and accommodations for grandparents and other family.  

7) Make a School Contact List

Make a list of school contacts for your personal use, most notably the parents of your child’s classmates for playdates, birthday parties, and summer carpools. This is also a great time to gather contact info for available babysitters.

8) Establish an Expectations List

Maintaining a consistent routine for your child will assist their transition into summer and reduce your stress during the break. Make a list of expectations for chores and activities. This includes TV limitations, eating habits, curfews, and other summer rules.

9) Keep Your Life In Sync

While it’s easy for your life to be consumed by summer break, it is vital that you maintain your personal balance. While you’re busy managing the organization of your household, be sure to maintain your personal day planner. Update your task lists, sync your calendar, and create new goals that reflect this dramatic change of life.

Improving your end of school year organization is an important step in maintaining your own personal effectiveness.

Do you have any special steps that assist you and your family in making the break from school? We’d love to hear it. Please comment.

Photo: D Sharon Pruitt