Tips for Grads: Doing Your Post-College Job Search the Right Way

Job Fair

I know you’ve already heard it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and finding a job is no exception. But having an organized job search is your key to success.

Before you begin your search, you must fully commit to the big three major courses of action: Where, How and When.

1) Where you’ll search

Your first and most important step is to select a notebook that will become your dedicated job seeker’s bible. In it, you will record and track all of your daily leads, activities, ideas and conversations. By doing this, you will automatically become more organized than the majority of college grads who randomly jot, scribble and scramble their way through their job search.

Now here’s an important time saver decide up front the key areas where you’ll perform your search. In your job seeker’s notebook, make a list of all the top career websites, job boards, employer websites and networking groups you can think of, and keep the list handy on a day-to-day basis for easy reference.

2) How you’ll contact them

It’s crucial that you give a great first impression, so leave nothing unplanned during this stage.

Plan these tasks for organizing your contact steps:

  • Resume: These days, most job seekers have several different versions of their resumes for differing job titles. Have each version saved in computer files with easy-to-find names. Avoid any miscues by hiding or deleting resume drafts. Also, your resume files should be ready to go in several forms, including Word, text and PDF (employer preferences vary).
  • Cover letter: Like resumes, you’ll want to prepare a series of cover letters you can use as customizable templates. Make sure you file your cover letters with distinctive file names so you can use them without having to open each one.
  • References, work samples, other: Keep these filed with easy-to-find names. Computer files use very little space, so don’t be afraid to create them. Having a quick and easy path to the right information is what’s most important here.

Remember, timing is everything in finding a job. Quite often, the more organized job seeker gets hired first.

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