Tips for Creating a Smarter Spring Cleaning Plan

spring cleaning tips

Spring is around the corner and that means it’s time to renew, refresh, get rid of your clutter.

Do you feel like you truly take advantage of Spring Cleaning each year?

What few people realize is that this is a great opportunity to take dramatic steps forward in your life and defeat the clutter that affects us all.

Here are four good reasons to maximize your spring cleaning:

  1. You’ll freshen-up your house and your attitude
  2. It organizes and declutters your life
  3. Much-needed work-life balance is a result
  4. It’s a great way to establish positive habits

Spring cleaning is the ultimate act of renewal, and clutter removal, which sets the tone for your year.

Plan it Out

Sit down and list what you’d like to accomplish this spring. To get you started, borrow ideas from this spring cleaning checklist from homemaking expert Martha Stewart.

Schedule Your Tasks

Schedule your cleaning tasks onto your calendar. Spread out your spring cleaning over several weeks – a single weekend is never enough. Some tasks require several days while others will require preparation time.

Here are some smart ideas:

  • Schedule together activities that allow multi-tasking (e.g. doing laundry while cleaning blinds)
  • Save valuable cleaning time by planning certain activities that should precede others, like dusting before vacuuming
  • Discuss your expectations with your family helpers (e.g. “garage cleaned so cars can park inside”); it will improve your results
  • Write your plan in clear terms that can be referenced later for an even smarter 2014 cleaning; better yet, start a spring cleaning notebook or binder

Remember: Trust that your plan is the best use of your time. As new tasks pop-up during your cleaning you must avoid the temptation to wander into doing them. Instead, write down and schedule the new task.