Smart Goal Setting Tips for Home Office Professionals

home office goal setting

Are you a home office or small office worker struggling to keep your workday on track?

Then this is for you.

I was recently invited to join in on a podcast with Timo Kiander, author of the blog Productive Superdad. The topic of the day was goal setting practices for small office or home office workers (hence the non 9-to-5 types).

Here are a few takeaways.

  • You should be able make progress towards your goals – on a daily basis
  • When you are working from home, you don’t have the benefit of having a structure behind you (like when you work in a normal day job), so review your goals daily and make sure that you are in alignment with them
  • Have a goal sheet and list your goals with milestones and dates (deadlines)
  • Make your goals “portable”, in other words have your goal sheet in a index card and carry it in your pocket
  • Use a vision board to support your goal setting
  • Have a journal related to your goals and write it on a daily basis
  • Build the bridge: Set the goal, set the milestones and figure out how to actually reach those milestones on a daily basis

Go check it out, and then come back here and give me comments on what you’d like to offer as your own tips for small office or home office businesses.

Hear the podcast now at Productive Superdad.

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