Journaling: Therapy for the Cluttered Mind

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Ralph Waldo Emerson. Captain Cook. Ronald Reagan. Kurt Cobain. John Boy from The Walton’s. What do these people have in common? They all kept personal journals.

There are many reasons why these famous individuals kept journals, and there is equally as many reasons why you should consider keeping one, too. The benefits that journaling provides are plentiful, both on a personal level and in a business environment. For example, journaling provides you with:

  • Focus. When you take the time to make journal entries, all of your cluttered ideas from the day are pushed aside, leaving your brain clear and focused on a singular topic.
  • Clarity. By writing out your thoughts, ideas and observations, you gain a clear look at all of the elements that go into your daily and long-term goals, enabling you to adjust and adapt as necessary.
  • Retention. Journal entries capture all of your ideas so that they are retained and never lost. By having them all down on paper, it also gives you the opportunity to organize, further develop and expand upon said ideas.
  • A Record. Your journal can serve as a daily or weekly log of activities so you can go back and reference information from a definitive timeline of events.
  • Expression. All of us need to express ourselves and our thoughts on a regular basis. With a journal, there is no need to keep things bottled up—it gives you the ability to express your thoughts and feelings in a constructive manner.
  • Relaxation. The word “therapeutic” is often associated with the practice of keeping a journal. Putting your thoughts and ideas down on paper and keeping them organized simply makes you feel better and, in return, reduces stress levels.

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3 thoughts on “Journaling: Therapy for the Cluttered Mind

  1. Thanks very much for this great post. I have recently decided to journal daily (instead of sporadically) and you have brought clarity to my decision.

  2. Perfect! And very timely for me. I have over 10 years’ of journals. I recently bought the DayTimer Flavia Doodle (and blogged it) to use as a planner and creative journal . I absolutely love the layout and the design. Now I journal in colour! If Doodle could be made in Portable size that would be perfect to fit into my work binder. And if a pretty storage binder could be available too….

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