Productivity Minute: Increase Your Focus

stopwatch_time_management_tipsDoes your small business suffer from a lack of focus? Focusing on important tasks is a challenge, especially when you have 10 different responsibilities hanging over your head at once.

Overcome this by planning “on-task” time for the truly important tasks. Essentially, concentrate on one task and do it very, very well. For most people, productivity comes in waves, so take advantage of those times.

Here are two practical ways you can increase focus on important small business tasks:

  1. Start your day with your most difficult task, no matter how painful or tedious it may seem. Commit to this habit every day for 2 straight weeks and you’ll see the positive results.
  2. Schedule 2-3 one-hour “on-task” periods. Choose key hours in your day where you know you work well and can be undisturbed. The hours early in the morning and late in your work day are times when you are less likely to be interrupted by meetings and phone calls. Schedule these “on task” periods in your planner or smartphone.

Small business professionals can easily get stuck on the trivial tasks, the minutia, without considering the long term value. Instead, you’ll need to learn to focus your time for maximum effectiveness.

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    In college we recieve many assignments and sometimes it can be hard to decide what to do first. Following these steps will help you better decide. Instead of waisting time figuring what to first you can jump right to work.

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