Productivity Tip: Set Better Weekly Goals

stopwatch_time_management_tipsProductivity Minute:

You can get more things done at work and at home this week, and be less stressed while you’re at it. Sound too good to be true? It all depends on one simple method. Read on…

Begin each week by selecting 3-5 meaningful weekly goals. These are your “primary” goals for the week:

  • For balance, consider goals from various categories of your life, including work, home, finances, and family
  • Choose a milestone from your long-term work goals or New Year’s Resolutions
  • Set a goal relevant to an important work or home project

For example: you might choose to gather all of your tax information this week to get prepared for your tax filing.

  • Write your primary goals down on the Sunday section of your planner
  • Now schedule a series of daily tasks directly related to each goal
  • Write these into your planner. Tip: choose a different color ink for each goal so and vary them throughout your week
  • Plan realistically, spread out your tasks and be sure your goal aligns with other work you have planned 

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Having primary goals sets a unique purpose to this week. It reminds you to lift your head from the daily minutia and see the big picture. Just as daily commitments are necessary — for earning a paycheck, paying the bills, running a household, and so on — setting weekly goals are vital to moving forward in life.

Now, go achieve your primary goals!

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