Today’s Productivity Tip: Start Fresh

stopwatch_time_management_tipsProductivity Minute: Start Fresh

Does this sound familiar? January is almost up and your New Year’s Resolutions haven’t quite gotten underway. Here’s a quick way to start fresh and have a successful 2013.

Need a better to-do list? Go to and find your daily planner.

Tip: Start your to-do list over and re-examine your commitments.

  • Spend 5 minutes re-writing a new daily to-do list
  • Start with 3-5 priority tasks you know you can accomplish today
  • Evaluate which tasks must be done and others you’d just like to get done
  • Park the tasks you don’t see doing today on a holding list for another day

When you’re feeling stuck, starting over gives you a realistic grasp on what you need to do right now to meet your commitments and accomplish your goals.

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