Today’s Productivity Tip: Keep Your Goals Within Reach

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Today’s tip: Keep Your Goals Within Reach

How are your goals looking today? Chances are, you’re not checking in with them on a daily basis.

The truth is, most people don’t spend enough time reviewing their goals each week, an activity which plays a crucial role in your planning success.

Try this:

This week, make a point to keep your goals readily within reach.

  • place them in the front of your planner
  • keep them on a note card in your wallet
  • tape them to your vanity mirror 

Do whatever will trigger your brain toward remembering your goals. Now, make it a part of your morning routine to read through your goals and make certain you’re clear on what your priorities are.

Here’s why:

Increasing the accessibility of your goals keeps them front and center in your mind as you make decisions regarding your time. You’ll make better progress when you’re more conscious of the milestones you seek.

[photo by abbyreed]