Today’s Productivity Tip: Create an Accountability Chart

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Today’s Tip: Create an Accountability Chart

Deadlines got you down? Here’s an easy trick for keeping yourself on task and always meeting your deadlines:

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Try This:

Use a daily Accountability Chart to track your time and stay you focused on your tasks:


  1. Start a new page each day in your planner, journal, or notebook
  2. On the right side of the page write down each activity you got done
  3. On the left side write the time span spent working on each activity
  4. Review your chart at the end of the day, and tomorrow when you’re planning your to-do list
  5. Learn to improve your efforts based on gaps of non-productivity

Here’s Why:

The important step here is that you formalize the process of tracking your time. It helps you realistically evaluate your work and motivates you to continue remain focused.

Ask yourself: What will you accomplish today?

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