Today’s Productivity Tip: Check Off Lingering Tasks

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Today’s tip: Check off those lingering tasks

There’s always one or two lingering items on your planner’s to-do list that never get done, and over time it can haunt you. This week you can choose to take a special action on these tasks:

Try This:

Make one of three decisions on all lingering projects on your to-do list:

  1. Schedule it: choose a date/time in the next 2 weeks to address the task, and file any source material
  2. Park it: place it on a “Someday-Maybe” list, and file all task-related material
  3. Delete it: if the task is important enough to you it will pop-up again later on

Here’s Why:

Having incomplete tasks hang over your head can cause a general feeling of dissatisfaction and unnecessary stress.

Make some proactive decisions on your lingering tasks today and take an important step toward better time management.

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