3 Steps for Making Your Small Business More Productive

3590964983_80b23433f8_nIs your small business feeling disorganized and unproductive?

You’re not alone, believe me. Every day, small business owners struggle to squeeze more productivity out of limited time, staffing and resources.

There’s an easy system for having a successful and productive workday for your small business, and it’s called Plan-Prioritize-Review, or “PPR.”

Here are the steps:


  • Write a daily task list in your planner. Be sure to fill your daily Action List with descriptive action words like “complete,” “outline,” “research,” and “contact”
  • Create your daily schedule, first check your monthly calendar for appointments, and then block out any other necessary task or project times


Sort your daily task list by determining which tasks are:

  • A tasks (must be done today)
  • B tasks (need to get done, but you won’t be penalized if not)
  • C tasks (you’d like to do, but can wait another day)

Now number your tasks in order of importance and by how they fit into your day.


  • Scan yesterday’s notes and spot new task and appointment requests and important follow-up actions that came from a client conversation or business meetings
  • Check if incomplete tasks in yesterday’s day planner list are still priorities or should be moved to your master task list or Grass-Catcher list  for another day

See how a few minutes of your time is worth a fortune in business productivity? The PPR session is a small but effective step you can take today to ensure success.

Day-Timer Spokesperson Jeff Doubek can be reached at jeff.doubek@daytimer.com