Help Create a Hurricane Preparation Checklist

We’re going to take time out today and devote this space to those caught in the path of Hurricane Sandy and the resultant landfall storm.

We urge those of you in harm’s way to put the safety of yourself and those around you first and foremost in your priorities.

Hurricane survival tips are the topic of the day, so as the East Coast hunkers down for the big storm there’s no better time than now to create a Hurricane Preparation Checklist.

What are your best tips? Please help us create a comprehensive checklist. As a starting point, here are some tips from around my household:

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  • Start early: begin your list as far in advance as possible, considering equipment and supplies such as water, batteries, flashlights and generators which might be in high demand
  • Fill your bathtub: it can offer you a week or more worth of utility water
  • Get cash: when electricity goes out ATMs and credit card machines do as well
  • Lighten up: tea candles come in affordable easily stored bulk packages, just don’t forget matches
  • Extra batteries: for flashlights, radios, and lanterns
  • Buy charcoal: grilling may be your only option for cooking food

Here’s a great article, courtesy of on Keeping a Hurricane Preparation Checklist 

Got more hurricane preparation and survival tips? Please share your best!

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2 thoughts on “Help Create a Hurricane Preparation Checklist

  1. Have 30 days of dehydrated food on hand that requires little or no cooking. If you have pets, have several pounds/cans of food on hand for them. Two gallons of water per person per day for drinking and bathing (yes, you can take a shower in one gallon of water: I’ve done it). A battery-operated radio for emergency broadcasts is great to have on hand. Be sure your cell phone is charged just in case. Save dollar coins and stack 20 of them in 35mm film canisters. Five canisters give you $100 in emergency cash and you won’t be tempted to spend the coins.

    1. Great tips Adrienne! Thank you for contributing to the Day-Timer Blog!

      – Jeff

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