Today’s Productivity Tip: Preview your day

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Today’s Tip: Preview your day

Want to set yourself up for success this week? Preview your day with this morning routine.

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Try this:

Review your plan: Spend a few minutes reviewing all tasks and appointments you must get done.

Check it up: Make certain your to-do list includes the following:

    • Time constraints – give your activities specific beginning and end times
    • Broken down tasks – tasks are more easily accomplished when you create small actionable steps
    • Reasonable capacity – you can accomplish so much in one day — plan no more than that
    • Balance – a variety of daily activities from different aspects of your life will help you maintain enthusiasm and avoid burnout

Use set up time: All good plans require good preparation, so include time to gather resources and tools for reaching success.

Have tangible outcomes: Set specific and tangible outcomes for each activity you have planned. For example: if you are planning to work on a presentation, decide on an acceptable amount of work to get done today.

Here’s why:

Developing a strong plan of attack is the cornerstone for getting done what you seek to accomplish. Spend a few minutes each morning in preparation and you’ll more productive when things get busy.

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