The 5 Essential Tips For Being a Better Student This Year

The challenges of school are now becoming a harsh reality for students everywhere. It’s time to hit the books.

The following 5 tips for getting a strong start in school are essential for you, or the student in your family in finding success this school year.

You will notice there is one common thread to each tip: You need to make more of your downtime. You know… those little pockets of time when you’re in between classes, on the bus, or having coffee in the morning?

Try the following steps and get the most of your school year:

 1) Choose a weekly class goal: At the beginning of each week, decide for yourself a particular goal you’d like to make progress on, and reserve your downtime for goal-related activities. For example, you want to get ahead in a language course? Then this week have audio books or links to online lessons cued up and ready.

2) Having reading available: For homework or for pleasure, there is always reading you can catch up on, so keep it handy. Start a reading folder of print magazines, newsletters or articles, or store-up online articles to a bookmark site such as Delicious or Digg, or a mobile app such as Instapaper.

3) Plan, Prioritize, Review: There are many reasons to keep your trusty student planner with you at all times, one of them being you should always sneak in a few minutes of PPR. Spare some time to plan your day, prioritize your studies, and review your schedule. That’s all it takes to enjoy better time management as a student today.

4) Think with a notebook: It’s amazing how a blank sheet of paper has the power to decompress your brain. Take a few minutes each day to clear your head of what’s stressing you, write down a list of things to do, sketch out some goals and dreams, or journal what happened over the past 24 hours.

5) Add a balancing activity: School has your schedule booked. Balance out your life by squeezing-in a few non-school related activities whenever possible. Read a few pages from a novel, call and say hello to a family member, have coffee with a friend, or catch-up on a hobby.

Follow the above methods and you will find yourself more satisfied with all you’re getting done each week.

And here’s an additional tip: whatever method you choose, be sure of two things:

  • You’re leaving yourself ample time to relax
  • You’re focusing your attention and not multitasking

What’s your top piece of advice for being a good student? Please share…

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2 thoughts on “The 5 Essential Tips For Being a Better Student This Year

  1. Very good suggestions (and I’m years out of studenthood but still finding them useful). But, one thing . . . “catch up on,” not “catch-up on”–oh, and “cued up,” not “cued-up.” These phrases (like “log in” versus “login”) are only closed or hyphenated when they’re adjectives (“catch-up reading” but “reading to catch up on”; “cued-up songs,” but “have some songs cued up”).

    1. Thanks for the edit Lee. Attention to detail is an important productivity lesson!

      – Jeff

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