Today’s Productivity Tip: Build Your Bridge

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Today’s tip: Build the Bridge

Feeling like your goals are out of reach today? Learn this one essential step that will help move your dreams and aspirations into action.

Try This:

Build a bridge that carries you from your goals to the specific tasks you’ll do to achieve them. Once you have a goal in mind:

  • Dedicate a fresh note page in your daily planner for each goal
  • Be sure you create SMART goals that define your outcome
  • Ask yourself how you can achieve this goal, and write down all the answers that come to mind
  • Describe your goal from start to finish
  • Now, use these answers as the weekly and monthly milestones for tasks you must schedule
  • Remember, these are only goal milestones, not tasks, next you must break these answers down into actionable tasks — for tips read “The 2 Secrets for Making a To-do List You’ll Get Done


Here’s Why:

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part to reaching your goals. By filling in the intermediate steps (or “building your bridge”) you are creating a better path to success.

* Want to learn more about making your goals happen? Read this post on goal setting tips.

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