10 Better Ways to Make a Back-to-School Plan

This year, you don’t have to end your summer playing catch-up.

Now is the best time to start preparing your back-to-school activities. Use the time you have available by creating new routines, scheduling new activities, and organizing yourself, your home, and your family for the second half of 2012.

Follow these 10 steps for taking charge and planning your back-to-school time:

  1. Plan your shopping: School season brings a heap of new expenses into your life. Spread out the impact of these purchases by scheduling your school clothes and school supply shopping over several weeks. You can also save money by avoiding the stores and finding deals online.
  2. Schedule healthcare appointments: Take some time to evaluate your family’s health care needs, and schedule all doctor visits, dental check-ups, and physicals.
  3. Create kid routines: Help your kids prepare for school now by creating structure in their lives. Work in a new set of rules each week, with regular meal times, bed times, chores, reading and limited games and TV.
  4. Schedule family time: Time with your loved ones is about to become less available. Counter this by writing into your family calendar activities such as game night, dining out, movies, and weekend bike rides.
  5. Revisit your New Year’s resolutions: There’s still time left to make an impact on 2012. Work tasks relating to your goals into the remaining weeks. Finish the year strong — don’t put off your resolutions for another year. This brings us to…
  6. Improve your planning: If you haven’t gotten your personal organization off the ground, dedicate yourself now to planning the next six months. Create task lists and schedules and commit to updating them weekly.
  7. Alter your exercise plan: In the second half of the year, people tend to get busier and get less exercise. This is especially true with less time being spent outdoors. Create new workout routines for yourself and your family.
  8. Shift your wardrobe: Make an appointment to wash and pack away all of your family’s summer clothes in plastic bins before you get out your fall gear.
  9. Winterize: If fall brings cold-weather your way, schedule tasks to prepare and protect your house, car, and other vehicles.
  10. Make holiday plans: Use your spare time to get a jump on the Fall/Winter holiday season. On your planning calendar, schedule the various tasks and activities that lead up to the holidays. Include gifts, costumes, decorations, and meals.

How are you preparing for life after summer? Please share with us your comments.

Day-Timer Spokesperson Jeff Doubek can be reached at jeff.doubek@daytimer.com

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    1. TM, Thanks for the comment. You are correct that home schooling has an astonishing foothold these days. Do you have any time management issues or tips you’d like to share?

      — Jeff

      1. Take a look at donnayoung.org (not affiliated) and see if you don’t have a product to market to the same target. I used Day Timer in my personal life, and Donna Young for school. I would have loved to have one thing to serve both purposes.

      2. I just noticed this morning that DonnaYoung.org has a link (looks sponsored) to Day-Timer. Excellent!

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