Today’s Daily Planner Tip: Know Your Foundation

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Today’s tip: Know your foundation

Here’s a quick productivity tip in honor of the US Independence Day holiday, as we look to celebrate our founding fathers and the birth of our nation:

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Try This:

Know your foundation — meaning, set realistic expectations for yourself every day. Are you really a “Type A” doer, or are you at your best when you knock out 3 priority tasks a day? Before you make your morning planner task list, first take a minute to understand what you’re really capable of and plan to do it well.


  • Focus your attention on the things you know you can get done
  • Challenge yourself to do one more extra task
  • Use your day planner to sort out your peak “task hours”
  • Don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to do too much
  • Keep a positive mind and conquer your list

Here’s Why:

Knowing what you’re capable of is a vital aspect of being productive. Not everyone is the “super-achiever” type. Some have a lower capacity each day, and that’s okay. Just be what you are best at, and push yourself to do one task better!

Happy Independence Day from Day-Timer!

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