Tell Us: How Do You Plan Quality Family Time Into Your Summer?

Summer is supposed to be a time to relax and enjoy quality family time. But that’s really not always the case, is it?

Unfortunately, summer can also bring stress and chaos, begging the need for planning meaningful family activities into our already busy lives.

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Tell us: What’s your tip for making your family time quality time in the summer?

Filling your dedicated family time with fun activities is a sure-fire way to create lasting memories. You’ll find 4 good tips over on Day-Timer’s Enough Time Moms blog.

  • My favorite is tip #1: Ease into a low-tech activity

It’s all about winning the interest of your typically tech-occupied family members, so “…rather than pulling the plug [on kids’ handheld games and smartphones] right away, incorporate technology into a family game night or backyard scavenger hunts.”

Go read the post at Enough Time Moms and be sure to share here your best tip on getting your family together for quality time in the summer.

Full post: How To Get Started Planning Family Activities Into Your Summer

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