Today’s Productivity Tip: Increase Your Daily Note Taking

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Today’s tip: Increase your daily note taking

Here’s a smart tip you can use today to make more productive use of your time and relieve stress at the same time:

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Try This:

Spend time increasing your daily note taking. Whenever possible, jot down memory-jogging notes about your meetings and decisions as you make them, or at the first convenient moment afterward.

A few easy ways to do this:

  • Keep a planner or notebook with you at all times
  • Stop and write a time summary in your planner journal at the end of each hour
  • Write notes chronologically into your appointment calendar
  • Spend 2 minutes writing notes after each task or appointment

Here’s Why:

It creates a context to the important actions and details of your day. By taking notes as you go along – as opposed to waiting until the end of the day – you ensure that all actions, and thoughts the important actions and details are recorded for future reference.

Furthermore, this activity helps relieve stress because every time you write something down, you reduce the amount of cluttered thoughts in your head.

*Credit for this tip goes to an article by Andrew Wargo.

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Productivity Tip: Increase Your Daily Note Taking

  1. Been using Day Timer systems for over ten years, started in own business, been keeping it close by just to eliminate more calenders and/or even computer information. It is efficient, attractive, and reasonably priced, especially when it goes on sale.

    1. Glad you’re finding success with Day-Timer planning products Sandra. Thanks for commenting and enjoy your time!
      — Jeff

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