Today’s Productivity Tip: Make a Why List Today

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Today’s Tip: Create a “Why-Do” List

This week you can finally cross that stubborn, lingering task off your to-do list. Tip inspired by the Psychology Today blog.

Try this:

Choose one task a week that you want to get done, but can’t seem to get crossed off your to-do list. Use the following method for getting it done:

• On a journal page, write down your stubborn task item and then list reasons why you should take the next step starting the task.
• Be sure your reasons include personal connections to the task.
• Stuck for answers? Then, ask yourself what condition it would take to feel ready to do the task, and then list reasons for doing that answer.
• Now, write down why the above reasons are important to you.

Here’s why:

Your answers will provide you with a fresh perspective for approaching your task. You’ll find it will offer powerful, motivating reasons for crossing that lingering task off your to-do list.

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