Today’s Productivity Tip: Unplug Yourself

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Today’s tip: Unplug Yourself

Here’s the perfect Memorial Day tip for creating some much-needed balance in your life this week:

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Try This:

Unplug yourself for an entire day. Escape from all forms of digital influence in your life and take advantage of the peace and comfort of a slower pace while you’re enjoying the better parts of life, family and friends.

Try this:

  • Avoid the typical electronics. Go without TV, email, social media, mobile apps, and all smartphone games — yes, even Words with friends
  • Enjoy your family, make special family bonding time to play games, go for a bike ride, do yard work
  • Ban all gadgetry from the dinner table and enjoy the conversation
  • Write in your journal – spend a half hour recording your thoughts on life
  • Catch up on your reading
  • Make a wish list of goals you aspire to achieve

Here’s Why:

By casting aside your normal routine of smartphones, tablets, TVs and PCs, you are enabling yourself to enjoy a more balanced life that includes time for your family, your friends and yourself.

Don’t forget: Monday is Memorial Day, a time for of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Productivity Tip: Unplug Yourself

  1. I find many of my co-workers and friends dependence on electroics scary. The brain is a great day-planner, calendar, and phonebook. The less you use it the less it is able to do, I am not saying that paper and electronic “backups” are not important but I have seen fathers (and “birth” mothers) not able to remember the DOB of two children not yet teenagers without looking at there electronic devices.

    What scares me is then that they try to tell me some important information about a job or project without looking at their notes. It makes me wonder the level of trust I should have in their imput.

    Turn the electroics, put the pen down and use your brain- enjoy the face of your wife, husband or child (they may someday have to give thier llife for you like we Memorialize today). Or you can check you smartphone it will be their- provided you remmebered to put it in.

    1. That’s so true Michael! There is a heavy amount of trust put into electronic devices, we should always consider analog alternatives to our important information. Thanks for commenting.

      — Jeff

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