Today’s Productivity Tip: Maximize Your Daily Notes

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Today’s tip: Take Daily Notes

Here’s a great way you can increase your ability to capitalize on today’s important thoughts, meetings and conversations.

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Try This:

Whenever possible, write down memory-jogging notes in your day planner about meetings, conversations, decisions, and thoughts right as they happen. Do it while it’s still fresh in your head.

Some tips:

– Write notes below appointments in your day planner calendar

– Keep notes in chronological order in your daily journal to lend context to your ideas

– Use subheads such as “budget meeting” or “chat w/Greg” to organize your notes

– Use a page-locator so you can quickly flip open to your daily journal or calendar

Here’s Why:

Writing out your notes  as they happen is the best way to ensure your important information and ideas won’t slip through the cracks. If you wait until the end of the day or week, it’s quite likely you’ll miss key details about your important priorities.

Note: Today’s tip was inspired by the Andrew Wargo post 5 Ways to Immediately Regain Control of Your Day.

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