Today’s Productivity Tip: Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

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Today’s tip: Set Priorities with 5 Questions

Once you’ve made your to-do list of what you’d like to accomplish today, there are 5 questions to help you determine your priorities:

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Try This:

Read through your to-do list and ask yourself:

  1. Which task helps me achieve my goals?
  2. Which task offers the highest return on my effort?
  3. Which task yields the biggest long-term results?
  4. What will happen if I don’t get the task done today? Will anyone or anything suffer?
  5. Overall, which task leads to my happiness and success?

Now, rank your priorities with A-level tasks being the most important, B-level tasks coming next, and C-level tasks being ones you can pass on, if necessary.

Here’s Why:

Your to-do list can become quite overwhelming when you’re not sure what to do first.

Having a prioritized daily task list is your best bet for staying focused on what you need to get done today.

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One thought on “Today’s Productivity Tip: Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

  1. KISS is my RULE for setting up my todo list.

    Must: I have no choice but to get this/these done.
    Should: if not done, someone or something else is badly affected
    Just Do It: not getting these things done means problems later for various reasons

    Putting it in those terms keeps everything else running as it should.

    BTW, that KISS thing is an official military term for “Keep It Simple, Stupid” but I substitute “Silly”. Not using my KISS means a whole lot of things get messed up and it takes longer to fix the mess than the original tasks would have taken. That means lost time and wasted energy. I don’t like waste. I really don’t like wasting time.


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