Today’s Productivity Tip: Make Your Free Time Count!

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Today’s tip: Maximize your discretionary time

How are you going to benefit from your free time today? Here’s a good tip for being productive with discretionary time.

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Try this:

Whenever possible, create large chunks of uncommitted work time so you can choose which tasks you want to work on:

  • Carve out time to work your task list by grouping your meetings, phone calls, and other routine tasks together into consecutive time slots
  • Schedule a daily “power hour” where you can work on your task list without any other commitments
  • Make a policy to have meetings in the morning,  project task time (discretionary) in the afternoon
  • Don’t over-book your day — always leave time for yourself

Here’s why:

Discretionary time is the free time you have when no person or no event is claiming your attention. Successful people are able to batch together their blocks of work time so that they can enjoy getting more things done.

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