Planning Tips 101 – Keep Your Day in Focus

It’s easy to lose track of your time, your to-do list, and your goals when you get busy.

But increasing your productivity demands you stay one step ahead.

That’s why you need to keep your day in focus.

Make it Visible, Accessible, and Personal

How you accomplish this is by creating a single, highly-visible location where your tasks and schedule come together. Since everyone’s day is different, you have to find what works for you.

For example, my day planner sits open on my workspace at all times, a vigilant reminder of my daily plan. It keeps me on-track whenever I’m in-between tasks or temporarily distracted – I have instant guidance for what I should be doing.

Here are a few tips:

  • Keep your planner with you at all times, even during downtime
  • Choose a convenient planner size: smaller if you’re always on the go, larger if you’re mostly desk-bound
  • Try elevating your planner above the desk clutter with a planner stand
  • Make a habit of preparing your to-do list and schedule each morning
  • Choose a page format that gives you the big picture of your day, please see our planner selection page
  • Plan2Go iPhone apps offer portability with schedule and tasks in one daily view
View 7 days of your life on facing pages with a 2-Page-Per-Week Filler Set

How Will You Improve Your Productivity?

Even the most detailed, precise plans lose their value if you don’t keep them in focus.

Here are some ways keeping your daily view in focus can help improve your daily productivity:

  • It serves as a visual reminder of the priorities you set for the day
  • Offers you the “big picture” when you lose track of time
  • Reminds you of upcoming appointments
  • Helps you track your time
  • Tells you when it’s time to move on to another task
  • Permits you to make adjustments for emergency requests
  • Grounds you when you’re frustrated or overloaded
  • Provides motivation to keep moving forward

Make it a point to keep your daily view in focus today. You’ll stop losing track of time and start getting more important things done.

[photo by jenny downing]

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