Today’s Productivity Tip: Cover These Top 3 Appointments

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Today’s tip: Cover your “Big 3”

Falling behind in your planning? Here’s a good method for keeping your schedule organized each week:

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Try This:

It’s a simple recipe for time management success: keep three main categories of appointments in your monthly planner. Each week when you look at your calendar to plan your schedule, run through the following three appointments categories:

(1) Work and school-related: meetings, projects and deadlines

(2) Bill reminders: plan to process bills at least 5 days early

(3) Personal events: including birthdays of family and friends, health care appointments.

 *As a reminder write the above guidelines on a note in your planner.

Here’s Why:

Remembering your “Big 3” categories of appointments will help ensure that no important events fall through the cracks, and it will motivate you to be more proactive in your scheduling.

Stay on track in these three areas and you’ll be on the road to success.

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