Today’s Productivity Tip: Eliminate 5 Tasks

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Today’s tip: Eliminate five tasks

This week your workload is about to get a little lighter because five things are about to go away.


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Try This:

Make a list of everything that must get done this week.  Now, eliminate five items using the following methods:

  • Delegating a task to someone else who has more time
  • Reschedule it for another day this month
  • Absorbing one task into another which might have a similar process or outcome
  • Put it on a “someday” list for doing when you have more time
  • Deleting a task because it’s just not that important right now

Here’s Why:

It’s human nature to bite off more than you can chew. You likely find yourself overestimating the time you have available only to have it run out on you each week — and this is especially true when you don’t leave room for the unexpected.

Eliminating 5 tasks is a good way to keep yourself honest, and in the habit of planning your time carefully and conservatively.

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7 thoughts on “Today’s Productivity Tip: Eliminate 5 Tasks

    1. Timo, there are several ways to manage a someday list, or grass-catcher list as I wrote about in this post. I make it a plan to look at my list on the first day of each month. It’s also the day I renew my monthly goals and make a new master task list (because hopefully the last one was all checked off).

      The key is that your someday list should not create any guilt or stress in your life. You are parking your tasks for another day.

    1. Hi Plannerlove, I’m glad you asked. A simple example of this would be while you’re running errands. If you’re going out for groceries you can stop and get gas while you’re out. It’s two different tasks with similar processes that, when combined, save you lots of time over doing them individually.

      Another example would be doing online research. Since you have your browser open, you can research topics for two different projects during one task hour.

      Hope this helps, thanks for reading.

  1. Excellent tips. Delegation is difficult. It’s good to consider this daily. I also like the idea of putting things on a “someday” list. This helps me to prioritize what actually needs to be done today verses what can wait until later or what isn’t time bound at all. Thanks for the great advice!

    1. Prof, you’re right on! The Someday list is so valuable because it gives you permission to let something go today, yet it doesn’t let the task slip through the cracks. Just make sure you periodically check your someday list to see if you can bring something to the forefront.

      Thanks for commenting — Jeff

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