Today’s Productivity Tip: Use These 2 Task Lists

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Today’s tip: Use Two Lists

Keeping on top of all your many responsibilities is a daily challenge, but there’s a way to manage your tasks and ensure that nothing gets overlooked.

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Try This:

Improve your task management by starting a two-list system.

Here’s how:

  1. Pick a day to spend 15 minutes writing down everything that needs to be done
  2. Get everything out of your head, think about tasks in your home, work, and personal life
  3. This is your Master Task List, the go-to place for anything you think of doing
  4. Each day, create a second list, the Daily Action List, by transferring items you want to get done today from your Master Task List to your Daily Action List

Two tips:

  • Plan a realistic Action List with a handful of achievable tasks
  • Update your Master List at least once a week

Here’s Why:

The two-list system keeps all of your responsibilities accounted for. Your daily to-do list and your Master Task List will ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Give the two-list system a try today and start making better plans this week.

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4 thoughts on “Today’s Productivity Tip: Use These 2 Task Lists

  1. The two-tasks list is an interesting idea, Jeff. definitely simplifies the process!Thanks for sharing this insight.

    1. Give it a try Bhushan, it’ll keep your daily priorities in check. Thanks for commenting.

      — Jeff

  2. I started working by a two list system just like this a couple months ago and it really works for me. Before I used to pile WAY more things than I could EVER get done on my daily to do list and transfer them day after day. Now they are ALL on the master list and the daily to do list is ONLY comprised of tasks that are reasonable and necessary to be done on any given day….sure simplifies things and helps me actually DO more.

    1. That’s a great comment Tracey. Keeping your list to a reasonable task level help keep you in a winning mindset. There’s nothing more defeating than dragging unfinished tasks over and over from day to day. Thanks for commenting!

      – Jeff

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