4 Little Known Tips for Increasing Your Time Management

You’re tired of watching time run out on you. Aren’t you? You have important things to do yet you find yourself rushing just to keep up.

It’s time you started getting more from your day — and yes, it’s possible.

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Check out my quick productivity tips to help you stop wasting time on the blog Lifehack.org. There are 4 simple yet effective habits you must eliminate in order to get more done today.

As a preview, I’ll give you a snippet of my favorite time tip: “Don’t be an interruption magnet.”

  • Each day, choose two separate “task hours” where you can close your office door.
  • Identify important tasks where undivided attention is a priority.
  • Communicate your limited availability to your co-workers by email or sign on the door; specify options for reaching you with urgent matters during this time.

There are three other important time management tips. Venture over and read it, and be sure to comment whether the article helps you find more time.

Read it now: 4 Critical Ways You Can Stop Wasting Time Today [Stepcase Lifehack]

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