Today’s Productivity Tip: Slim Down Your Task List

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Today’s tip: Purge Your Task List Once a Month

No matter how hard you work, your list of things to do grows bigger each week. There’s only one way to maintain a healthy to-do list, and here are the steps for doing it:

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Try This:

Here’s a simple set of productivity rules for purging your task list  (should take only 15-20 minutes each month):

  • Run through your master task list, goal-related tasks, and any lingering tasks from your daily to-do list
  • Decide which ones you will realistically do — important to your work, family, and personal goals — schedule these for a date over the next month
  • Move other tasks you still want to do sometime in the future to your someday-maybe list — read this post for tips
  • Select a few tasks that can be delegated to a co-worker, friend or family member
  • Delete tasks which don’t feel feasible given your current time availability — tell yourself if the task is indeed important enough it’ll pop back up at a later date
  • Schedule your next list-purge appointment for a month later

Here’s Why:

Having a huge list of things you need to do can become stressful and overwhelming. Purging your to-do list is the only way to maintain a healthy and realistic level of pending commitments.

Don’t let yourself become overloaded, make time this week to purge your list and plan the best choices for your future time.

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