Today’s Productivity Tip: Maximize Your Morning Routine

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Today’s tip: Have a morning routine

It’s important to have a good start to your workday. Here’s a great way to make mornings a more valuable time of productivity.

Try this:

Create a regular morning routine and make it your #1 repeating task each day, at the top of your to-do list. (I simply write “Do AMR,” short for a.m. routine.)

Do the following steps:

  • Make your daily to-do list, organized by what’s most important
  • Set your daily schedule
  • Review yesterday’s notes
  • Check your physical inbox
  • Scan work-related blogs and news headlines
  • If you must check email first thing in the morning: set a specific time limit, scan subject lines first, and create follow-up tasks for any message that takes longer than 2 minutes for you to reply

Here’s why:

There are many benefits to a morning routine:

  • It creates structure and gives you motivation when you most need it
  • Keeps you from getting sidetracked from the most important task of the day
  • Fights procrastination by giving you direction
  • Allows you to choose your top 3 or 4 priorities of the day
  • Sets your mind to “eat the frog,” or start work on today’s most challenging task
  • Starts your morning with a victory, an easy first task to cross off your list
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