Today’s Productivity Tip: Improve Your Notetaking Habits

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Today’s tip: Improve Your Notetaking Habits

There’s a whole lot of information coming your way today, so here’s a foolproof plan for taking good notes and finding them later that will increase your productivity.

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Try This:

Create a new notetaking habit that uses the following criteria for where you write things down: 

1) Meeting or project notes: start a new page in your daily planner or notebook; title the page with date, topic, and location

2) Conversations, phone calls, random ideas and information: write this on a page dedicated to today’s general events – the daily records section of your dated planner is the preferred location because you can page through it quickly and review notes within the chronological context of your day

3) Storing your notes: Meeting or project pages can be removed from your planner and placed into a meeting or project related folder. Information from your daily planner pages must be transferred into the appropriate location:

  • Task list for action items
  • Calendar for appointments and deadlines
  • Monthly diary record for other noteworthy information (located on the back of monthly calendar tabs)

Notes should be processed this way during your morning 5 minute planning session.

NOTE: this system also works for those who take notes on their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Here’s Why:

The golden rule of notetaking is consistency. Having a tried and true system you can depend on will keep your information safe and accessible. You’ll see your productivity improve when you eliminate time spent searching your notes for information.

Start today! Make this your foolproof plan for capturing all of the important information you might encounter each day.

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