Today’s Productivity Tip: Wrap-Up Your Loose Ends

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Today’s tip: Wrap-Up Your Loose Ends

Busy days don’t have to feel like you’re carrying the world on your shoulders, just lighten your load by eliminating loose ends.

Try This:

Start a healthy habit today of wrapping-up your loose ends before they get out of control, use these guidelines:

  • Plan your daily task list and make certain you have time available to complete each activity
  • No vague outcomes — have clearly defined expectations as to what you hope to accomplish with each task
  • Create natural stopping points — plan specific time periods for each high priority task
  • Appointments, meetings or distractions? Immediately create a next action task before moving on; be sure to schedule that task in your weekly planner calendar
  • Still not working out? Make sure you’ve broken down your tasks into small actionable chunks to which you can define a stopping point

Here’s Why:

You’ll get more done when you can confidentally walk away from one task and direct your attention to the next priority… you’ll also eliminate much unneeded stress.

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8 thoughts on “Today’s Productivity Tip: Wrap-Up Your Loose Ends

  1. I use Daytimer products and love them. Any tips on how to keep organized and manage time are always appreciated. Thanks again.

  2. Jeff, I really enjoy reading the Productivity tips and look forward to them each week. We all make typos every now and then – even when we are sending a response to you. I am still trying to get my paper planner and outlook calendar to work together…so topics on how to make paper and technology work together will be great. Thanks for your blog!

    1. Thanks BC! I appreciate your comment and will put your topic suggestion to the top of my list because I know it’s one many people are challenged with.

      One quick tip: Keep one of your calendars as your primary schedule, and update the secondary calendar during your morning planning session.

  3. Might want to proofread this a little better next time for grammar. First bullet point “make certain be sure you have time” makes no sense and is two fragments.

    I hate to be critical but it seems like the quality of this blog has really gone done lately. Hope to see it improve or I will have to unsubscribe.

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