Today’s Productivity Tip: Find Your “Power Hour”

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Today’s tip: Find your “Power Hour.”

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Try This:

Take advantage of your body’s internal clock and schedule tasks during your most productive time of day.

Some tips…

  • Not sure what’s your best time of day? For one straight week, use your daily planner and track what you accomplish each hour. You’ll see patterns form as to when you get the most done.
  • Slow starter in the morning? Choose easy pick-up tasks like answering email and phone calls.
  • Have an early-afternoon slump? Schedule meetings or other activities where you can feed off other people’s energy.
  • Don’t feel like you have a power hour? Try experimenting with non-traditional work times, like before breakfast or after dinner.

Here’s Why:

By recognizing your most effective times of day, you are maximizing your ability to be productive. You’ll also find yourself less likely to be distracted or suffering from procrastination.

Get in the zone during your power hours this week and enjoy a boost in your productivity.

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